Tailgator Bike Brake LED Light with Motion Detection System


Tailgator’s intelligent brake-sensing light with three 100 LUMEN insanely bright flashing LEDs and two normal lights is designed to provide you with peace of mind when you hit the road.

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Ride with confidence knowing thatwe built your Tailgator to last.When it comes to durability, we thought of everything including a super-strong, water-resistant ABS shell that can stand up to almost anything you might encounter. We’re so confident in our product thatif it does break, we will replace it for free. Period. No questions asked. (Caveat: In event of floods, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes or breakage by cars or collision with wild animals, there may be questions)

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Tailgator mounts in under 30 seconds with NO wire, NO Bluetooth, NO phone app, and NO remote control required. Just strap and go.

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    "There is nothing like this on our light racks. I commute every day. This is an idea that I'm surprised didn't come sooner."

    - ​John N., Service Manager - Norcal REI store

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    "I think it's a great idea.I wish it was mandatory! A friend in the states was rear ended in a hit and run accident. His brain damage is so severe he's wheelchair bound, needs 24/7 care and can barely communicate. This could have prevented that." 

    - David S., Bike race organizer - San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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    "I've seen my fair share of bike accidents in the ER. I know this light will save lives. Most medical professionals strongly agree!"

    - Tom G., E.R. Nurse and Avid Cyclist

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How does the light attach?

Once the bracket is attached to the seat post by the rubber strap, hold the light firmly in one hand and pull back the lever with the other. Do not worry, you will not break the lever! As you pull it back, push the light up the bracket until you hear two “clicks”. Then it is safely attached. When you want to remove the light from the bracket, pull back the lever and push down firmly. The light will slide off. We recommend leaving the bracket on the bike but charging the light after each ride.

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    Being visible to cars, trucks, and motorcyclists is perhaps the top priority for cyclists. The Tailgator bicycle brake light with 300 lumens when brakes are applied can be seen from 100-200 meters. The light sensor technology ensures that even during the day these lights are visible. The 180 degrees of visibility offered by this brake light ensures that cyclists cannot be missed by any motorist.


    The Tailgator brake light is a result of 5 years of research and development. It packs modern technology with durability.Combining the speed sensing technology  withduallight sensorsfor day and night riding,the Tailgator is thefinest bicycle brake lightyou can buy. Brighter than any other brake light (and 95% of all other tail lights)it produces 300 lumens when braking.Only the finest CREE LEDs are used.It  detectsthe daylight and automaticallygets 20% brighter for greater visibility. This  brake light comes with a USBrechargeable 1000ma battery(largest in industry)that fully recharges in just 3 hours and gives 7-30 hours of riding time.


    Ready to ride?Just strap on and go.Easy installation under 30 seconds and no wires or cables make it as simple as it gets.Here is a brake light that makes you visible to EVERYONE on the road. One customer worried about turning on the light and waking up the space shuttle crew. Yes, it is that bright. Don't worry about them, the Tailgator will provide you with more confidence and safety than you have felt in 30 years.  


    It took us 5 years but we overcame the technological hurdles necessary to make the light the most accurate in the industry.. To protect the light we used a strong resin shell, the best LEDS money can buy, extra strong attachment straps and water-resistant technology That's durable. We are so confident about the product that we offer a full year warranty for any technical glitch.

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