Tailgator Brake Light FAQs

A huge accident preventing difference. 99% of all bike taillight simply blink to let cars or cyclists know that they are
visible. But it doesn’t change when you stop. Cars behind you will not know you stopped until they hit you. Tailgator is a super bright taillight, but it is also a brake light just like your car brake light. You slow down on your bike or stop, Tailgator recognizes your change in speed, and lights up dramatically, warning cars behind you that you stopped. They will then stop also, before hitting you. It is the difference between a visit to the ER and a safe stress-free ride.

Everyone! Anyone who values safety while cycling. Children, parents, serious cyclists and recreation riders. Commuters or urban riders. Brake lights work! Why have cars had them for 90 years? To prevent rear end accidents! Almost half of bike accidents are rear end car accidents. If you think your safety is important, then a Tailgator is in your future. It is your life we are talking about.

Absolutely. Since e-bikes are faster, they stop more abruptly, giving drivers less time to be react. They are 5-10x as bright
as the typical light on an e-bike. In fact one e-bike store sells a Tailgator with most purchases of an eBike. An electric bike is just like a motorcycle. Do they have brake lights?You bet.

People have asked about mounting on a helmet, backpack, leg, and more. The answers to all those are a resounding NO! The light was designed to be attached to a relatively fixed area on the bike; the seat post being the most obvious. Any other motion, back and forth, up and down will give less accurate readings - and the brake light will be triggered more often. The seat stay is pretty darn stable, not much different than the post, unless you have a seat that has "shock absorbers" or springs, etc. I have such a bike with a variable seat height. The light works but is triggered more often. Gives me more visibility when the light goes on. A fixed seat stay should work fine. people have gotten creative when attaching the light if they have small bags under the seat and only when it is mounted on something moving all the time, are they disappointed. So, the long answer is yes, it should work.d

No. If you mount it on a helmet or a backpack it will be moving in lots of directions. This will cause the light to illuminate irregularly and give off false-positive braking signals. It will also cause the battery to run out of juice more rapidly, which is why we recommend mounting only on a seat post.

First, attach the separate black plastic piece to the seat post. The black silicon band will stretch to hold it in place BUT, you have to pull the band firmly. It is meant to be a tight fit so there will be as little movement as possible to get the best brake response. Then hold the light firmly in one hand and pull back the lever. Do not worry, you will not break it! As you pull it back, push the light up and the light will attach to the bracket with two definite clicks. Make sure you hear them, for a solid fit. When you detach the light from the bracket, pull back on the lever, push the light down firmly and it will come free.

I live in central Florida. I ride about four hours a day. Often in heavy rain. So far I have had no problems with the accelerometer!

Depending on its remaining battery power, it will take from 1 hour to three hours for 100% charge. We use a larger battery than 95% of all tail lights lights (1100 mA) to give you maximum riding safety.

This feature is meant to save battery power when not in use. When your bike is motionless for  5 minutes or so, the light will go into a "sleep mode". It will blink slow and dim, thus using little power but making you aware it is still on. If you start moving within 45 minutes, the light will return to full function - same flash pattern as well. After about 45 minutes of inactivity, the light turns off completely. To restart, simply press the rubber button and it will come on to the same pattern you had before. The light has a sensor which also dims the light about 20% a night. Otherwise it would be too bright for approaching traffic.

Simply send an email to safety@tailgatortechnologies.com and ask for a bracket and silicon band. Include your name and address. We charge $5.00 to cover the cost of these plus postage. We accept PayPal or
credit card.