Night Cycling Safety: Essential Tips for Safe Rides

Always a daytime biker? Biking at night does not sound like fun?? Well, consider this. Nights are comparatively peaceful and pleasant and free from daytime traffic. It provides a new experience and a break from your daily routine. Also, if you are preparing for some big cycling event, riding a bike at night can provide a better environment to review your strengths and weaknesses. So scroll down to read some important tips for enjoying safe cycling at night.


Plan well to enjoy your riding a bike at night

Tailgator Bike Brake LED Light with Motion Detection System
I always plan for anything new I start, and I recommend you plan your cycling schedule at least a day before. Carefully examine your bike and its parts if they are all intact and need any repair. Also, collect the things you will need during your rides like water, food, some amount of cash, your mobile, and your identity card. Additionally, check the weather forecast.


Get good front and rear lights.

That means a Tailgator Brake Light!

For night rides, go for very bright and long-lasting front and rear lights, (i.e. the Tailgator, best lights for bike riding at night), and be certain their duration exceeds the length of your scheduled ride. Charge them beforehand! Often in the recent past, the bikers did not pay much attention to rear lights and had many rear-end accidents, but the new smart bicycle brake lights have given the bikers the safety they need. This brake light for bike riding at night is super bright, durable, easy to mount, water-resistant, and gives you a long riding time with 6-30 hrs of battery life. If your route takes you through the countryside, beware of nocturnal animals. For that, you might consider a bell. Your front lights and bell should warn the animals away from you. There is nothing worse than crashing into a deer, cow, or even hitting a skunk. I speak from experience.


Wear all your safety gear

Whether it is day or night, safety gear remains standard. Obviously, wear a helmet. Remember, the key is being visible. So wear fluorescent clothes, or also paste reflector tape on your clothing. For an even better visibility, use the reflector tape on your helmet and shoes also. Protect your eyes with nightwear glasses. At night, many tiny insects can get attracted by your front light, and you eat them or get them in your eyes. Nutritional, but a distraction. There are a variety of night glasses available in stores or on the web. Check their quality and visibility at night, and their ability to reduce the glare of the streetlamps and traffic lights.

Be attentive

In spite of taking all the safety measures, driving at night can be very challenging. Be more careful, and vigilant of motorists. Be attentive enough to take action to protect yourself from an unexpected event. Needless to say, stay off the phone, and we strongly recommend you do not listen to music while riding, especially at night.


Ride on known routes

During the day, it is easy to discover new cycling trails, but bike riding at night on unknown roads or trails is a bad idea. In the daytime, in case of emergency, you seek help easily, but at night on new roads, you are really putting yourself at risk.

Stay hydrated

Though at night you might not feel very thirsty because of the comparatively pleasant weather, drinking extra water while riding is always a smart idea. Consider drinking more water during the daytime, so that bike riding at night will not need as much hydration.

Follow traffic laws

Day or night, traffic rules for bike safety are standard. Be attentive to the red lights and any other road signals and markings. Always be cautious about your visibility to the other motorists. Be predictable, for other drivers so that they could understand your movements in advance and take action to avoid any collision. The best rule to follow is to act the same way you want other fellow drivers to act.



Drive with a group or a mate

Ride with a buddy on your night rides. In case of any mechanical issues or accidents, you will simply feel more energetic and less stressed when you have at least one other friend with you.

Seriously, as reluctant as you may be, don’t miss enjoying riding a bike at night. You might be intimidated in the beginning due to the darkness. But soon, after pedaling a while, the serene surroundings of the night will elevate your mood. The roads at night are quiet and have less distraction, It can be almost meditative…...well, not on single track riding! So keep yourself fit, follow the rules for bike safety. And this may be a regular passion!

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